Our Story

We are Sukhdev and Rippy, the husband-wife co-founders of Khalsa Salsa.

Growing up in urban India, no outing was complete without a visit to one of the bustling food stalls found around every street corner. Whether we stopped to snack on dahi papdi chaat or pick up chole bhature for a hearty lunch, what made street food special was its “chatpata flavor” — a delectable blend of spicy, tangy, savory and sweet.  

When we immigrated to the United States and started a family in the Bay Area of California, we were surrounded by a diverse range of immigrant communities whose food we grew to love. Our absolute favorite was salsa. Like  the chaat we grew up eating, salsa with tortilla chips was a snack combination that brought people and communities together.

We began making fresh salsa at home and over time, started incorporating flavors inspired by the chutneys, spices and masalas of Northern Indian street food. As we built our life and raised our two daughters, our chatpata-inspired salsa became a hit with family, friends and coworkers. After two decades, we felt inspired to share our family tradition with the world. 

In 2019, we launched Khalsa Salsa, combining bold, lip-smacking Indian spices with the classic fresh ingredients of Mexican salsa. This unique experience is crafted with love in small batches here in the Pacific Northwest, just the way our friends and family have enjoyed for years.

“Khalsa” is a concept core to our Sikh faith and denotes a collective body of initiated Sikhs committed to recognize humanity as one and to serve the underprivileged and vulnerable.

Sukhdev and Rippy - Khalsa Salsa Founders

khalsa salsa owner Sukhdev Singh and Rippy Kaur

Sukhdev Singh and Rippy Kaur - khalsa salsa Owner